If you were wondering why our golf course was such a popular wedding venue, then this article will explain everything! Not only that our golf course is a popular wedding venue, but it is also one of the most requested ones! Find out all about why that is so right here!

Our Golf Course Is Amazingly Beautiful

Great Wedding Venue Even though each golf course has its beauty and appeal, our golf course that is also used as a wedding venue can just be described as breathtaking. We have finally managed to create long-term collaboration with the most exquisite golf course in our country, and we are more than proud of what we have to offer to you. This amazing wedding venue will make for some great memories, but it will also give you a whole new perspective of what a wedding could and should be. If you are interested in having an outdoor wedding, that will account for some breathtaking memories – you may have just found your top pick, as our golf course wedding venue is our top pick as well!

Your Guests Will Experience Something Unique

We have had many clients, and all of them want something special, something unique. They want their wedding to be different, but yet classical and at the same time – their own. We can provide you with all these services, and we promise that if you come to us for something unique, you will get it. In the golf course, your wedding guests will witness something different, something unique, yet so special, so traditional and so classically beautiful. They may also try playing golf themselves, and we are also witnesses to many of our wedding reception guests returning to this venue to host parties or just play golf – even if they have never played golf in their life.

An Active Honeymoon

Great Wedding Venue

Also, the golf court accounts for a great venue for your honeymoon as well. If you are looking for an active honeymoon, this might as well be it. We provide training in golf, but you will be in charge of making amazing memories with your partner.

Wedding Party In The Open

Wedding party in the open air is not just amazing because you can have the commodity of being in the fresh air, but we also provide some additional services such as sports and fireworks.